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Tiberium Alliances: 24.4.12 Serverwartung und großes Update

Am 24.4.12 wird der Server von Command and Conquer down sein, da eine Wartung und ein großes Update ausgeführt werden, welches in dem nachfolgendem Zitat beschrieben wird.

We will have a Server Maintenance on all C&C TA Servers today, at 13 – 15 UTC, to deploy the latest game update, introducing the Points of Interest.
We expect the downtime of each Server to be no longer than 20 minutes.

We will have an extended maintenance on the following worlds and expect a downtime of around 40 minutes:

Welt 1
Welt 2
Welt 3
Welt 4
World 8 (USA East Coast)
World 9 (USA West Coast)
World 13 (Europe)

New Points of Interest (POI)

Beside the existing “Tunnel Exits” of the Forgotten, seven new types of “Points of Interest” will be added
The game update of April 19th reveals the LOCATIONS of those new Points of Interest
The new Points of Interest themselves will NOT BE ACTIVE until a game update in May

This will enable all alliances to plan accordingly and consider new targets


The seven new types of POI are spread all over the territory of the Forgotten
As long as a POI belongs to the territory of an alliance, it will help to boost all alliance members by the same amount (after activation in May)
The different POI will boost tiberium, crystal and power production, attack strength of offensive units and durability of defensive units.
The current values of the resource production and combat strength will be reduced (after activation in May), but the boost can be about twice as strong as the reduction.
Resource production and combat values which cannot be boosted (e.g. credit production) remain unchanged.
POI get significantly stronger towards the center of the world

New Types of Points of Interest:

Uranium Compound: Increases the damage inflicted of any attacking infantry unit of all alliance members.
Tungsten Compound: Increases the damage inflicted of any attacking vehicle of all alliance members.
Aircraft Guidance Network tower: Increases the damage inflicted of any attacking aircraft unit of all alliance members.
Resonator Network Tower: Increases the durability of all defending units of all alliance members
Tiberium Control Network Hub: Adds an additional fixed amount of tiberium production per hour to each base of the alliance
Crystal Control Network Hub: Adds an additional fixed amount of crystal production per hour to each base of the alliance
Reactor – Adds an additional fixed amount of power production per hour to each base of the alliance

Bonus functionality:

Each new POI has a score value, which depends on its level.
As soon as a POI, e.g. Tungsten Compound, is within the alliance territory, the score value of it will be added to the total score for that type of POI owned by the alliance.
Each alliance has seven total scores for the new POI, one for each type.
As soon as a total score is above 0, a bonus will apply to all alliance members, e.g. as soon as the first Tungsten Compound is occupied, each alliance member gets increased vehicle damage while attacking.
The bonus will increase step by step as soon as the total score reaches a specific amount.

Bonus multipliers by „Points of Interest“-rankings:

An additional significant bonus multiplier is granted to alliances depending on each individual total score in comparison to other alliances.
There are 7 individual ranking categories for each of the 7 new types of POI.
Each alliance ranked between #1 and #40 in any of those categories will receive an additional bonus multiplier for that category.
The bonus multiplier is +100% for rank #1 (= doubles the bonus), +90% for rank #2 and reduces to +1% for rank #40.
While an alliance may be rank #1 for “Tungsten Compound” POI, it may be #10 for “Tiberium Control Network Hub”. Each bonus multiplier is separate.